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Teaching the Dunamis students to plan and execute childrens outreaches. Lift your hands to Jesus!

Mens group motorcycle trip, discipleship is spelled TIME.

Batch 9 Graduating class of 2018 in Nepal

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May to June  Update 2018

Wow, graduation is here! It feels like this class zipped by. One moment we were praying for these wonderful students and next passing out diplomas. Seth and I have learned a lot these past 3 years, 4 batches and one earthquake. God is good, we have met some amazing fellow ministries here as well. Please continue to pray for them as they daily face persecution from the government and radicals. Please read below for some testimonies of the work and people we have been helping (Glory to God).

Sadly Shelly and the kids will not be in the US this summer, they will be working on the school in Croatia.

Prayer Requests

Seth teaching the Dunamis Students

NL Children sending us out to Croatia

Childrens outreach script translated into Nepali

Teaching redemption course to future church leaders

Helping teach Children Church teachers. 

Receiving the new printing of the KHM books

Seeing Esther graduate from teaching school.