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Farah does a Nepali Dance in the US this summer.

Back with the kids in New Life KTM writing Children  Church Curriculum. .

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal!  We have exciting news to share with you; we feel the Lord is leading us to take a step in an addition direction.  Our time here in Nepal has been extremely fruitful, exciting and rewarding and now we believe it is time to take what we have received and bring it to other nations, beginning with Croatia.

In the year and a half that we have been here, God has put it into our hearts to duplicate Dunamis in the Dalmatian region of Croatia.  Eastern Europe is a spiritually dark place and God is pushing back this darkness by inserting His light bearing laborers into reap His harvest and we believe He has called us deeper still.  

In January we are planning a preliminary trip to Croatia to meet pastors and other believers, to get our feet on the ground and get a feel for the situation there in every sense of the word.  We know there is a need for further biblical training, but we also want to bring the same spirit of revival we have been witnessing here in Nepal. 

The Lord has placed it on our hearts to extend this opportunity to you to sow into this nation and it’s people.  This first trip is going to cost approximately $5100, that’s $3900 for airline tickets, and the rest for transportation, food and lodging.  Please prayerfully consider if and how much the Lord is leading you to give, and when you do, make a note on your check or other method of giving that this seed is for Croatia.  

Thank you very much for your time, prayers and finances, all of which enable us to complete the things God has impassioned us to do for His kingdom, and we thank God for your lives and the harvest He is adding to your account.

Love always, Seth, Shelly, Farah, and Simon

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