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Seth sharing a sample class on Righteousness at a church. We are now in our second week of classes on the Holy Spirit

Spending time with church members after church

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from Croatia!

We have now been here for almost 2 months. We want to share a couple of testimonies from here.

On the third night at the Isuse Sveti Dunamis micro school Pastor Ivan pulled me aside. He said, “There is a man coming tonight that I just prayed with for his son who is having some serious difficulty in school. We spent some time praying with them and they have just made Jesus the leader of their lives! They have listened to the past 3 classes and would like to start coming.” This church is very evangelical, the Pastors are gentle restorative pastors that remind me of some friends of ours that work among the homeless in Downtown Houston. The class we are teaching them now is redemption, we go into the 3 parts of man, the battle field of the mind and WHAT JESUS DID FOR US!! ITS HIM and him… So this man who just started his walk with Christ is starting out in a good place.

After class the other day, it was on Redemption. Marco said, I really like what Seth said about Adam and Eve. He said Adam was blaming Eve and Eve was blaming the snake but Jesus said I will go! I will take the blame and redeem them all!

At the Blessings Dunamis micro school I was speaking to Pastor. They were talking about the early days of the Split Church. They said in the early days there was a lot of hostility between the churches. People moved around frequently and split off churches and were asked to leave for all kinds of things. A Lady said that things have been changing though and that the churches are working together and we (Dunamis) are part of that. We have various churches going through the classes and we have been to some other meetings where the churches are working together. Now jump back to this summer; God told me that there was momentum beginning in Split, that the words said about it in the past were now past, also, we would reap where others had sown.

P.S. From our Nepali friends that are printing the Rhema books. "Yes, the money has been received and accounted for printing the two titles in Nepali as previously specified. We are ready for printing with the exception of obtaining the ISBN, which we are working towards obtaining as soon as possible. Upon receipt of ISBN, we will begin promptly." HOORAY 

Prayer Requests

  • Curriculum and Media outreach
  • Dunamis Schools Nepal/Croatia/Peru
  • Printing Kenneth E Hagin Books in Nepali 2 done 12 to go.
  • Children Church
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Seth teaching Redemption course

Presenting the Dunamis Students

Helping with a Saturday kids group