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Seth sharing about Dunamis in Croatia.

Praying for a lady in the Chitwan during a Medical mission with the Behrmans

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The plan is EXPANDING into Croatia!! Below is the basic vision at this time. 

We will partner with local pastors to equip and motivate the church to do the works of Christ through intimacy with the Holy Spirit, grounding in the Word of God and reaching out into the harvest with practical ministry.

Our goal: to establish a full-time school by fall of 2018

1. Getting established in Croatia,

a. Finding a building and renting it

b. Recruiting students/staff

c. Begin classes from second week of October. Each day will begin with at least 30 minutes of saturation in the Spirit by prayer and or worship while once a week we will dedicate an undetermined amount of time for school of the Spirit (SOS)

2. Growing the school

a. Helping/selecting 2 or more students to come to Nepal to attend the full school for the 9th batch March-July 2018

b. Returning to Croatia to commence class by September to run through the end of December.

Future schedule, Feb-July in Nepal, August-December in Croatia, January in U.S.

Love from the frontier,

Seth, Shelly, Farah, and Simon Gunter

Prayer Requests

  • Curriculum and Media outreach
  • Partner Ministries and Churches
  • Dunamis Nepal Batch 9
  • Dunamis Croatia and Peru Batch 1
  • New Life Church
  • Dunamis Mobile/Satellite Schools
  • Dunamis Graduates
  • Printing Kenneth E Hagin Books in Nepali
  • Children Churches
  • Children homes
  • Upcoming team trips
  • Sister TONI! and the Staff

Seth teaching Foundation doctrines

Getting certified to teach M4Life

Dunamis students and outreach

Teaching the kids in Chitwan

Shelly teaching Children Workshop

Mens ministry at Dunamis